Stories from around the world, published in Scotland.


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About Us

Guardbridge Books is a small company that produces high quality books. Our specialties are innovative speculative fiction and rigorously researched but accessible non-fiction.

Our office is located near St Andrews on the east coast of Scotland. In the village of Guardbridge! (Wonder where our name comes from?) The mailing address is:
Struan House
Old St Andrews Road
Guardbridge, Fife, KY16 0UD

The Founder and Editor-in-Chief is David Stokes. David has been a life-long reader of speculative fiction and many fields of non-fiction. He has thought about publishing for 25 years, and finally decided to open up shop. David earned a Ph.D. in History at the University of St Andrews. In the course of his long and varied studies he covered many fields; majors include Astronomy (B.A.), Philosophy (M.A.) and History, and other subjects include Physics, Geology, Linguistics, Geography, Russian, German, and Classics. A true Renaissance man, unfortunately trying to live 500 years after the Renaissance.