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Scotland's Untold Stories

30 fascinating stories from throughout Scottish history. Meet pirates, heroes, nobles and ordinary people: revealedthrough their letters, period news stories, and many othersources, combined with the author's personal observation, to fill in the details that have been forgotten by history.

Read about the veteran of Bannockburn with a mechanical hand, and the cannibal family that terrorised Dundee.

Find out how the people of Inverness changed history with a barrel of whisky, about Jack the Ripper’s visit to a Scottish fishing village, and about a disastrous game of curling.

Leonard Low explores the dark and mysterious, the tragic and the heroic,and brings the stories to life with his evocative writing.

“Leonard Low brings dead history alive” —Dundee Courier.

Leonard Low was raised in Upper Largo and now resides in Leven, Fife. He wrote the popular books Largo’s Untold Stories and St Andrews’ Untold Stories; now in the third book of his trilogy, he covers the larger canvas of Scotland itself. He also authored The Weem Witch and The Battle of St Monans, as well as numerous magazine articles, and was a consultantto the television show Outlander.

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