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Pillar of Frozen Light

Science fiction novel of romance, philosophy, interstellar travel, and mysterious artefacts.
by Barry Rosenberg

Jonan’s indulgent life on Earth is upturned when he meets Yerudit, a remarkable woman from a distant colony. After an intense affair, Yerudit leaves Jonan to pursue a pilgrimage across the galaxy. He finds himself following her on his own journey of self-discovery: encountering enigmatic artefacts, haunted by a shadowy figure, and discovering a life he never realised he was missing.

This novel combines romance with philosophy, strange alien vistas with quiet mindfulness, star travel technology with simple self-reliance. Through it all stands the Pillar, an inexplicable object that gives those who encounter it a glimpse of knowledge beyond human understanding.

"The twists are plentiful and the descriptions are literally out of this world, making this an immersive novel that’s easy to enjoy. Rosenberg’s inventiveness is matched with amusing and snappy dialogue that adds to the characterization of Jonan on his journey from a generally selfish person into a being of the galaxy. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Pillar of Frozen Light" 5 Stars ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite