Epic Historical Fantasy
by EC Ambrose

What connects an ancient map carved in a cane, a disgraced descendant of Chinggis Khan, and a secret Chinese society?

1257 AD, Kaifeng, China: Dailus, a European bronzecaster taken as a slave by the Mongols, builds mighty siege cannons for the Khan, but discovers there are even more frightening weapons. His fate intersects that of the Mongolian scout who enslaved him desperate to remove the name of traitor, the last warrior monk of a ruined temple, a Chinese astronomer’s daughter forced to suppress her mind to her beauty, and a dancer whose grace hides deadly skills: allies and opponents in a race across medieval China to locate a clockwork doomsday device. As cities fall and empires are threatened, this legendary device could turn the tide of battle, or burn the world to ash with the power of the stars.

An epic historical fantasy novel from the author of “The King of Next Week”, The Dark Apostle and Bone Guard series.

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