The Roots of Betrayal


Terrorists attack the Princes, Outcasts build a new city, and the mage Pavresh discovers that Arcist Magic is more powerful than ever imagined.

Pavresh spent the last 5 years exploring the mountains around the Eghsal Valley, seeking to expand Arcist magic by incorporating the foreign traditions of the mountain tribes. But he discovers these barbarian tribes might be more deeply connected to his own people than the official histories admit.

Now news from home has him hurrying back to the Valley: A mysterious, violent group called the Sons of Ryo are terrorizing the cities. The ruling Princes are under threat, and his friends are losing the only shelter they have.

What is this mysterious group, and who is pulling their strings? Who is the man claiming to have crossed the impenetrable mountains from the Forgotten South? Can Pavresh use new more powerful magic to protect his friends' new home, or will the cost be too great?

This sequel to The Silk Betrayal continues the fantasy saga featuring interesting world-building with an Asian flavour and subtle but powerful magics.


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