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Tales of the Sunrise Lands


Anthology of Fantasy Japan

Japan has long fascinated with its unique culture and elaborite folklore. This anthology collects fantasy stories inspired by the culture and literary traditions of the Japanese. From steadfast samurai and contemplative monks, to transforming animals, horrifying spirits, end everyday items come to life, these tales transport you to the magical world of the Sunrise Lands.

  • An itinerant monk and his animal companion follow an evil wind to a desolate village.
  • An onmyōji astrologer investigates the murder of a man who held secrets of the Imperial family.
  • The gods' gift of good luck is accompanied by an invisible cat.
  • The daughter of a fallen samurai is drawn back into her violent past to defend a village from attacking rōnin.
  • A little girl is caught between a mischievous fox and a talking fish.

18 stories of magical Japan, by: Mike Adamson, Stewart C Baker, Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Jaap Boekestein, Evan Dicken, Alice Dryden, Steven Grassie, Alison Akkiko McBain, Harry Elliot, Marta Murvosh, Kirstie Olley, Richard Parks, Frances Pauli, TS Rhodes, Douglas Smith, Lyn Thorne-Adler, Josh Wagner, Will Weisser.