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Death by Effigy

A Novella of Mystery, Magic, and Marionettes in 19th Century Burma.

by Karen L. Abrahamson

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A traditional Burmese puppetry troupe is more than meets the eye: these puppets hold living spirits.

Disaster strikes on the eve of a performance for a royal wedding, when one of their puppets is murdered - his neck broken, his spirit gone. They cannot perform without him, but failure to perform could cost them their livelihoods, or worse, their lives.

Aung, the troupe’s elderly singer, must navigate the labyrinth of court intrigues to solve the mystery and appease the angry spirits: goals which might might be at odds. Assisting him – or is that, hindering? – is the troupe’s enthusiastic but youngest puppet.

Can they salvage their performance and save their lives?

A story of magic and traditions of south-east Asia.

“A wonderful blend of conspiracy and playful spirits, with a pair of unique detectives – and no strings attached!” —Steven Poore, author of Heir to the North.

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