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These are some of the books we will be releasing in the near future.

3 Fantasy Novellas coming in April 2020 at Eastercon.

The King of Next Week

by E. C. Ambrose
Release April 2020

When a captain trades his cargo of ice to bring home a djinn bride, his life in coastal Maine will never be the same.

“This is historical fiction at its best, intricately researched and honest with vivid characters – and the perfect touch of magic. This is a book to savor to the last word.”
— Beth Cato, author of Breath of Earth

“The King of Next Week, the latest from historical fantasist E.C. Ambrose, offers what we have come to expect from her work: believable history and stunning magic, compelling characters and a riveting plot. Throw in action, excitement, and a bit of romance, and you have a story I heartily recommend!”
— D.B. Jackson

The Madness of Pursuit

by Carmelo Rafala
Release April 2020

Dema Ägan is a notorious pirate woman, who killed her former capitan, stole his ship, and plies the seas with her J’Niah witch companion, Rymah. Or so the legends say.

Searching for clues about the famous fugitive, a man is presented with several books which tell her story from different points of view. As he – and we – read these conflicting tales of adventure on seas filled with danger, ancient power, love and betrayal, we come to see there might be more to her story than the legends suggest.

“A magnificent speculative reimagining of classical nautical fiction. Rafala’s swashbuckling tale fuses adventures on the high seas with alien tech to create a compelling modern narrative.”
— Tendai Huchu, author of The Maestro, The Magistrate & The Mathematician

“Ancient technologies, forgotten magic, and pirates in a plot that is a mix of old and new weird fiction. What’s not to love? The Madness of Pursuit is a tour de force equivalent of a trilogy in the length of a novella… gripping and intriguing. Carmelo Rafala does a fine job of delivering a narrative with a flavor reminiscent of Fritz Leiber and Sarah Monette, with a sprinkle of Kurosawa (think Rashomon).”
— Fábio Fernandes, author of Under Pressure

A Fledgeling Abiba

by Dilman Dila
Release April 2020

A orphaned teenage girl tries to survive on her own and understand her magical powers while a sorcerous plague sweeps the country. She may hold the key to its cure, but what she really wants is somewhere she can call home and family.

This story by Ugandan author and film-maker Dilman Dila starts in a realistic setting that becomes more and more fantastic as it goes, drawing us into his world of magic and spirits.

Soul Searching

by Stephen Embleton
Release Summer 2020

In this future, science has learned to understand the soul, and can track souls through this life and beyond. A specialist unit of the South African police is using a Soul Tracker device in a harrowing search for a serial killer. But when ones soul can incriminate them before birth can there be justice?

Also in the works are an anthology of weird fiction by women authors, more novels, and a social history of Japan as shown in Anime. More details of these and other projects will be announced as they develop. Our Facebook Page has the most up to date announcements, so join us there.