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The Elephant and Macaw Banner

by Christopher Kastensmidt

Elephant and Macaw Banner cover

An unlikely pair of brave adventurers – the Dutch explorer Gerard van Oost and the Yoruban warrior Oludara – travel the wilderness of sixteenth century Brazil.

They aim to protect both the new colonies and the native inhabitants from dangers human and supernatural. Along the way, they encounter a host of creatures inspired by Brazilian folklore: from the brain-sucking Kalobo to the one-legged prankster Sacy-Perey.

This multi award-winning, Nebula-finalist series is now a novel – with new material, but the same mixture of action, adventure, humor, magic, and South American folklore that has won it fans the world over.

“A fantastic romp through the colonial era, with epic battles, creepy creatures and wonderful set pieces.”
     —Aliette de Bodard, Nebula and BSFA Award winner.

“A series that is quickly becoming my favorite in the genre of sword and sorcery.”
     —Elias F. Combarro, Sense of Wonder.

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