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Stanislaw Lem and His Aliens

A Tribute and a Challenge

Edited by Elana Gomel

Stanislaw Lem and His Aliens cover

Stanislaw Lem was one of the greatest, and the most misunderstood, science fiction writers of the twentieth century. His work was both brilliant and challenging. It often featured aliens who were truly alien — beings whose thoughts and are so incomprehensible by human minds that they call into question our own intelligence, society, and our place in the universe.

This collection is an investigation of his work through both essays and fiction. Essays by leading literary scholars examine his ideas and beliefs as revealed in his writing. They look at how he used the alien to hold a mirror to up humanity. Stories, inspired by the ideas and motifs of his writing, highlight his continuing influence on the science fiction genre.

This book is a both a celebration and an examination of Lem's work. Learn more about this literary innovator, and be challenged by the mind-bending ideas he presented.

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