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The Lowdown On Witches

by Leonard Low

Lowdown On Witches cover

True Stories of Scottish Witch Trials

Stories of witchcraft in Scotland go back to the real Macbeth in the tenth century. The 1600s in particular saw a frenzy of witch hunting. Backed by a cruel law and exhorted by fanatical preachers, neighbour turned against neighbour, decimating whole families and villages. Many innocents perished, facing prosecution, torture, and execution.

In this book, Leonard Low reveals the stories of these cases. In his personal and accessible style, he examines the circumstances and outcomes of over thirty witch trials, the petty jealousies that led to horrible results, and visits the handful of monuments that commemorate these victims of superstition. The author draws on his extensive collection of primary sources, letters, diaries, and authentic instruments used to extract confessions.

If you are interested in the real stories of witch trials, Scottish history, or curious how peaceful communities could descend into violent oppression, this book will show you how it happened.

“Leonard Low remains one of Scotland’s leading experts on the subject of Witches. As a regular contributor to Haunted Magazine he has imported a wealth of fascinating little known accounts in his unique style.” —Haunted Magazine.

Leonard Low was raised in Upper Largo and now resides in Leven, Fife. He wrote the popular books Largo’s Untold Stories, St Andrews’ Untold Stories, and The Weem Witch, as well as numerous magazine articles, and was a consultant to the television show Outlander.

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