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Saving Hell

by Maria Sjöstrand

Supernatural Adventure

Saving Hell cover

A Supernatural Jaunt Through Life, Death, and Beyond

Grace O’Neill passes away peacefully after a long and eventful life. Denied at Heaven, she reluctantly heads the other way. But Hell is not that bad a place: barbecues, drinks with paper umbrellas, and concerts with dead rock stars — with all the truly bad souls exiled to the formless void of Limbo.

But one such undesirable soul breaks out of Limbo, threatens both Hell and Heaven, and seeks to remake the universe in his own image.

Ever optimistic Grace teams up with unlikely friends, a sarcastic shapeshifting demon lord and a preacher’s son, racing across Heaven and Earth in search of a holy relic. They must succeed before their enemies use it to unravel the order of the universe and make the afterlife more… hellish!

“5 Stars! [This] surprisingly witty tale is just brilliant. There is no other way to describe it. [An] incredible literary journey of life, death, Heaven, Hell, and a world in-between… Suited to readers who love a good comedy while contemplating the journey of death and beyond. And yes… I am still laughing.”
—Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

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