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These are some of the books we will be releasing in the near future.

THE MARLEN OF PRAGUE: Christopher Marlowe and the City of Gold

by Angeli Primlani
Release September 2022, at ChiCon 8,the 2022 Worldcon

Christopher Marlowe, the Elizabethan playwright and spy, travels to the court of Emperor Rudolf II in Prague on the trail of English magician John Dee. Rudolf's court is a hotbed of mysticism, art, magic and intrigue. Marlowe is haunted by the fallout of powerful magics unleashed on the Spanish Armada which could plunge all of Europe into chaos.

Cover of Roots of Betrayal

The Roots of Betrayal: Volume Two of The Arcist Chronicles

by Daniel Ausema
Release Summer 2022

Sequel to The Silk Betrayal

Changes are coming to the Valley of Eghsal. A mysterious group calling itself the Sons of Perkwom is terrorizing the cities. The Princes are still plotting. Secrets of the past are uncovered. A mysterious traveller claims to have crossed the mountains from the Forgotten South. A new city is built for those who have no other home. And the mage Pavresh discovers that his Arcist Magic is more terrifyingly powerful than anyone imagined.

The Low-Down on Witches

by Leonard Low
Release Summer 2022

A book about the history of Scottish witches and witch trials, from Leonard Low, author of Scotland’s Untold Stories.

More details of these and other projects will be announced as they develop. Our Facebook Page has the most up to date announcements, so join us there.