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A new threat to humanity
Dramatic conclusion to the trilogy.

by Gustavo Bondoni

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The trilogy that began with Outside reaches its dramatic conclusion as it spans the stars and visits worlds both physical and virtual.

Emily and Rome have returned to Earth’s simulation where they find all the people have vanished.

Revolt is brewing in the Tau Ceti colony, as Mira Heine refuses to accept defeat, and a mysterious crime boss eliminates all who ask the wrong questions.

Touk, physical Emily, and the Sextus colonists try to establish life on their new planet, but they become the frontline in a fight with a new enemy that threatens all of humanity, both natural and virtual.

Will Artificial Intelligences be humanity’s destruction or salvation?

In the midst of the chaos, can Emily and Rome—at least some versions of them–find happiness together?


“A satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, rejoining a wide cast of its fascinating characters, and inviting you to consider the nature of humanity. ”
—V Anne Smith, author of A Code for Carolyn: A Genetic Thriller.

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