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The Weem Witch

by Leonard Low

The Weem Witch cover

The true horror of the Pittenweem witches

1704: In a Scottish coastal village fallen on hard times, a dispute between neighbours mixes with superstition. A young blacksmith finds a suspicious package at his door and soon falls ill — the victim of a witch’s spell it is said. Soon the town is torn apart by ambitious demagogues and mob violence, dragging innocent women and men in to a cyclone of repression and death.

Discover how forces ranging from local jealousies to international politics combined to create this frightful case, which helped lead to the repeal of the unjust witch laws, but not before many were caught up in the terror.

This new edition of the book updates the story with a look at the places involved today, and adds events and discoveries occurring since its first publication.

“A compelling read…the remarkable stories he has uncovered are fascinating, enriched by facts and personal accounts which are as gripping as they are enlightening.” —East Fife Mail.

“Aims to drag these shameful stories out of the darkest corners of the Neuk’s hidden past…a terrible reminder of a world gone mad.” —Dundee Courier.

“A horrific record of how easily people can be led and the human consequences this sad fact can have…an admirable work putting a human face on those who were persecuted on the basis of gossip and hearsay…a good read for anyone interested in injustice.” —Fortean Times.

Leonard Low was raised in Upper Largo and now resides in Leven, Fife. He wrote the popular books Largo’s Untold Stories, Scotland’s Untold Stories, and The Lowdown on Witches, as well as numerous magazine articles, and was a consultant to the television show Outlander.

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